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ATTN: Michael Yan

E: michael.yan@magicpopups.com


1. Stock and existing samples: the samples are free, but freight collect.

2. Custom samples with your artwork: Need you to pay for the sample charge and the freight, sometimes we call it "setup". The exact cost, please see the price list or quotations.

Please note:
If you are an end customer, we understand very much you maybe not happy and do not understand why you need to pay the freight although the samples are free. You can get free samples and don't need to pay the freight from resellers in your local market. But because we are in China, so the freight from international express is not cheap, such as Fedex or DHL. USD50 per parcle for 0.5kg. We can't afford them.

If you don't need PP(Pre-production) sample, we can make a animation for you, we call it "virtual sample". It bases on your artwork. Regarding the case, you can see it in our Home page. Sometimes, it is a very good choice to can save some time to meet your event time and can avoid some design issue. Making a virtual sample, just only need 1 day or less, and it is free. If your order quantity is large, making virtual sample and REAL PP sample are necessary to avoid the risk.

If you are an advertising agents or reseller, and dealed with China suppliers for many years, the above is very easy to understand. Of course, if you are interested in our items and are willing to popularize them, any surpport from us is available.